Our Mission

We aim to protect the world against climate change using deep learning and reinsurance.

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We better protect the world from increasing climate crises.

It is our ambition to use data to change our world for the better. To better protect our communities for the next catastrophe. And to contribute to a future where we can mitigate future catastrophes. We are showing how reinsurance can be a lever to improve our world.


Matt Newcomb headshot

Matt Newcomb

CFO Chime Bank

Coco Krumme headshot

Coco Krumme

Data Scientist The Climate Corp

Sam Hodges headshot

Sam Hodges

Founder Vouch Insurance


Founder Funding Circle

Alexa Von Tobel headshot

Alexa Von Tobel

Founder Inspired Capital


Founder LearnVest

Zachary Townsend headshot

Zachary Townsend

Former Chief Data Officer State of CA

Anthony Goldbloom headshot

Anthony Goldbloom

Founder Kaggle

Barbara Bufkin headshot

Barbara Bufkin

Senior Advisor Amwins Access

DJ Patil headshot

DJ Patil

Former US Chief Data Scientist & CTO Devoted Health

Jaclyn Rice Nelson headshot

Jaclyn Rice Nelson

Co-founder Tribe AI

Pierre Gentine headshot

Pierre Gentine

Professor of Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering Columbia University

Barbara Sutherland headshot

Barbara Sutherland

Former General Counsel and Chief Claims Officer Argo Group

Dr. Niels Andela headshot

Dr. Niels Andela

Cardiff University School of Earth and Environmental Science


Kettle is building the most sophisticated machine learning models to predict when and where wildfires happen so we can accurately price the cost of covering wildfire prone areas in California. Work with us to continue bringing groundbreaking innovation to the reinsurance industry.

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