Balancing Risk in a Changing Climate.

Kettle provides insurance and reinsurance for property owners in areas affected by catastrophic climate events.

Kettle Insurance for Commercial Property
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Fire in a Parcel

Fire in a Parcel

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Parametric Hurricane Reinsurance

Parametric Hurricane Reinsurance

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Parametric Wildfire Reinsurance

Parametric Wildfire Reinsurance

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Commercial E&S Property Insurance

Commercial E&S Property Insurance

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Insurers can't predict the next climate crisis, but we are getting close.

Kettle uses AI to build smarter insurance products that better protect people from catastrophic events being exacerbated by climate change.

Property Insurance Products
We protect property owners who are being dropped or having their rates overly increased due to the effects of climate change on the broader insurance industry.
Reinsurance Products
We provide reinsurance coverage for wildfire and hurricane perils.
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Your comprehensive risk solution for climate catastrophes.

Risk Assessment
Kettle’s proprietary model allows us to assess risk across dozens of variables specific to individual properties.
Risk Protection
We insure your property against the increasing catastrophic risks caused by climate change.
Risk Mitigation
Our model can determine how mitigation measures may lower premiums. We provide property owners with access to the same risk insights we use to underwrite their property, and then put them in touch with providers to help mitigate that risk.
Homeowners Association

Kettle helped cover our HOA after we were dropped by our previous provider. We were worried we would lose our mortgage, but Kettle gave us coverage.

Board member of 1k+ unit HOA in Orange County

Using AI to get high-definition views of risk ensures property owners are paying a fair price.

Kettle uses three AI models to predict wildfire: ignition, spread, and building vulnerability. Together, these models consume over 130 terabytes of satellite, weather, real estate, and utility data, extracting 70 risk indicators to simulate millions of wildfire scenarios. In 2020, Kettle accurately classified 97% of burned properties in the top quartile of risk in California

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